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The experience of receiving my whole year"s Jyotish reading from Satish Joshi was uplifting from beginning to end. I felt that he was sincerely concerned with my spiritual growth, highly ethical, and his communications with me, via the internet, vibrated with the values of compassion, friendliness, and "the home of all knowledge". His predictions have so far been very accurate, and future predictions have given me a sense of preparedness and more understanding into my life. I highly recommend Satish as a spiritual advisor and Jyotish.


I found Satish Joshi"s predictions for my son, to be very accurate. With this knowledge, I find that I am better able to manage his health and guide him in his education. Having his strengths and weaknesses confimed by the reading, enables me to make the correct choices for him in regard to schooling and to take extra care of him, during the sensitive times. I found that all communication with Pandit Joshi was prompt, ethical, courteous and personable. A most valuable experience. Thank you.

Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Panditji I havent recieved the new banking details yet,if you could kindly send them to me. I thought you might like an update on the results of the yagyas. You allready know about the salary increase,some further results are I have easily given up smoking(I was very attached to cigarettes).My work has become more smooth,and I have started a relationship with a beautiful girl. The bounty of the universe is overflowing. If it is helpfull to you to use my story to encourage others please feel free. thank you for this beautiful and effective program Martin Richardson

Martin Richardson

I am very impressed with the service and results provided by astropandit. I have found them to be understanding, knowledgeable and extremely professional. I am currently having my third yagya with Pandit Satish Joshi and have found all to be effective, providing the desired result. Due to the positive effects I experienced from the previous yagyas I decided to have the year long wealth yagya. This was a very good decision. The day the yagyas began I was paid an outstanding debt that I was not sure I would ever receive. My business income has dramatically increased and I now have a number of new clients. The most significant change is within and that is a feeling of wealth consciousness. I have lost my anxiety about income and getting new clients. This change in consciousness I believe has enabled me to be relaxed about getting work and doing the job to the best of my ability, all with positive outcomes. I would definitely recommend Pandit Satish Joshi and Astropandit to anyone. Tina Cohen Australia

Tina Cohen
Sydney, Australia

When I ordered my health & Mahalakshmi yagya I was very upset. I"m young, but I have gynecological problem, and I wish to have a husband & kids.. but don"t know how this will be. My financial situation also wasn"t good at all. I was wondering how the yagya will turn these things, as I tried many way to change my health & wealth situation too. And it happened that many possibilities came to me even in health field and in financial field (in my job) too. Thank you dear Pandit Satish Joshi.


Dear Sri Joshi, I just wanted to follow up with you regarding the results of my yagna: after months of deadlocking over a settlement, my landlord "suprisingly" agreed to a global wash that waived all debts and future claims against me. It turns out that it is the best possible outcome I could have actually gotten, and I probably owe it entirely to the yagya, as there was no way she would have ever signed off on it in the past.

David Seaton
California, USA

Dear Panditji, You are very popular and highly regarded in Australia.

Tina Cohen
Sydney, Australia

"I felt quite relaxed and smooth between 22 Dec and 2 Jan. Everything fell into place - it felt like a good recovery period. If things were getting hectic - I took a breath - and whatever move I made seemed to be the right one. Bodywise - the prolapse/s were again quite apparent 2 weeks before Christmas. During the period of the yagyas - I was not experiencing discomfort."

Ruchelle Dorothy
Hazlebrook, Australia

.....some good and promising developments have taken place.....My CD is now on sale at I did nothing to promote it"s a mystery how.....I wanted to contact them and had no time---someone else must have done it for me....

California, USA

I have had good result from Chundra Yagya, i can now ride my horse without fear. I am sure i will get good result from your Mangal and Guru Yagyas, you are a good man. Thankyou

Christchurch, New Zealand

I met with Darl a few days ago. She looked good and is busy with her children and work. She also gives much credit to the yagyas and pundits support.


Note: The accuracy of the predictions done for any person depends very much on the accuracy of the birth time. A change of 10-15 seconds in the birth time brings changes in the Horoscope and hence the predictions may change. The astropandit,though, carefully analyse the Horoscope and does the prediction. The and Mr. Satish Joshi will not be responsible for any change in predictions due to the inaccurate given  birth information.

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