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Jyotish is a traditional Vedic Astrological Science for analyzing the possibilities of specific important events occuring in your life.

It is based on age old mathematical formulas that enable us to calculate influences created by the movement of the planets and stars---in relationship to when and where you were born, and your current or future state of life.

Using these formulas, we offer a complete range of Jyotish Services to help you understand what the future holds, in the 5 main categories of your life: education / career and finances / marriage and other relationships / health / and your spiritual progress.
Ms. Tina Cohen, Sydney, Australia Pandit Satish Joshi is highly respected and regarded in Australia
I am very impressed with the service and results provided by astropandit. I have found them to be understanding, knowledgeable and extremely professional. I am currently having my third yagya with Pandit Satish Joshi and have found all to be effective, providing the desired result. Due to the positive effects I experienced from the previous yagyas I decided to have the year long wealth yagya. This was a very good decision. The day the yagyas began I was paid an outstanding debt that I was not sure I would ever receive. My business income has dramatically increased and I now have a number of new clients. The most significant change is within and that is a feeling of wealth consciousness. I have lost my anxiety about income and getting new clients. This change in consciousness I believe has enabled me to be relaxed about getting work and doing the job to the best of my ability, all with positive outcomes. I would definitely recommend Pandit Satish Joshi and Astropandit to anyone. Tina Cohen Australia
Dear Panditji I thought you might like an update on the results of the yagyas. You allready know about the salary increase,some further results are I have easily given up smoking(I was very attached to cigarettes).My work has become more smooth,and I have started a relationship with a beautiful girl. The bounty of the universe is overflowing. If it is helpfull to you to use my story to encourage others please feel free. thank you for this beautiful and effective program Martin Richardson
The Jyotish Kundali (birth chart) categorizes 12 main areas of importance in your life, in relationship to influences of the 9 Grahas (planets). 12 Rashis (major constellations) and 27 Nakshatras (minor constellations). If any aspect of the chart is particularly weak or negative, it can be improved through Vedic Yagyas (rituals), or wearing astrological gemstones recommended by our services.
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